by Save The Bowen
Peoria Asylum is owned by Save The Bowen, a not-for-profit organization established exclusively to help save this historical building. The hospital's original title was The Illinois Asylum for The Incurable Insane, or IAII. That is a mouthful, and luckily, the state hospital has had more than just that one official name. Throughout the years, the site has been referred to--and understood by others--as several more common, though less descriptive, names. Peoria Asylum is one of the many nomenclatures used by people when referring to the old building and grounds it stands on.

The Bowen is actively seeking sound investors (local or international) and interested partners to join with us thus allowing the introduction of this amazing location to the world. We will gladly provide more information to "qualified" investors.

Click here to see an historical timeline from 1886 to 1973.

Future Goals
Our future goals will be displayed here prominently once our current more critical needs are met. Please check out what our needs are, and contact us if you are able to help or have any questions.

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